List of Fundamental Human Rights in Nigeria

List of Fundamental Human Rights in Nigeria

Fundamental are essentially norms that are created to guide human behaviors by a standard protected by a country’s laws. After the adoption of a presidential and democratic system of government, human rights was introduced by the government in the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria which protects and sets the standards of which human behaviors adhere to and the rights that every human being that is a citizen of Nigeria possesses.

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This is a list of the fundamental human rights in Nigeria:

The Nigerian Constitution confers the right to life for every citizen of the country. However this right concedes in situations that may include; lawful arrest or prevention of the escape of detained an individual; execution of a court judgment in regards a criminal offense of which an individual has been found guilty of the crime accused of; defense against a citizen performing unlawful acts of violence; and death that may result from government’s response in suppressing a riot, civil unrest or mutiny.

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